The Sinister Six

#30 - Extracurricular Activities, part 2

"Can I see that dagger, just for a second?"

As the group approached the cave, Soelma Nilaenish maneuvered her Floating Disc to one side of the entrance, apparently awaiting the all-clear from the group. Kael used his Scout’s Headband to scout out the entrance to the cave, quickly locating a pair of catapults and trip-wire that would bring up a protective wall to shield them. The cave was filled with monstrous humanoids, including hobgoblins, ogres, and a white-skinned scaly humanoid the group had never seen before. Returning to the group, they formulated a plan of attack – Darius started the combat with his new Firebrand spell, killing most of the inhabitants and setting most of the others aflame, while simultaneously destroying the catapults and providing illumination for the others to attack. Droverson blasted several foes with lightning, while Hazerath summoned shadows to steal the life force from their enemies. Combined with withering fire from Kael’s bow, the group was able to quickly kill all the creatures and secure the cave. Bringing Soelma inside, the group began searching for further information and clues, but the only item of interest was a large set of wagon tracks and a destroyed magical portal. Soelma informed the group that it looked like their quarry had fled, and that she would have to perform more magical divinations to locate him again; however, the archmage gave the party an expensive diamond as a partial payment for their work. Gathering the group close, Soelma teleported everyone back to Chain.

Once they were back in the city, Hazerath continued preparations to pursue Urien Bole – however, it wasn’t long before a magical Sending from Quentin Ostermann informed Hazerath that Bole was apparently dead. Now aware that all of his prior enemies were out of the picture, Hazerath asked to borrow The Dagger of Milambre from Droverson to perform more divinations. However, as soon as Hazerath touched the dagger, it exploded into light, and Hazerath found himself face-to-face with a magical image of himself. Forced to do battle with his evil self for control of his body (and the dagger), Hazerath struggled for many rounds as the group cheered him on – Droverson on the side of the “good” Hazerath, while Kael cheered for the “evil” Hazerath (Darius remaining neutral). Finally, just as it looked like the evil side might prevail, Droverson used his Touch of Destiny power to turn the battle, and Hazerath absorbed his evil self. Announcing to the party that he would use the dagger to “destroy evil” and “fix this world”, the shadowy cleric suddenly departed, leaving the party agape….


Technically, Kael was rooting for ‘Balance’ since, as a damn dirty mage, Droverson was interfering. Like all damn dirty mages do.


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