The Sinister Six

#31 - Extracurricular Activities, part 3

"I chuckle."

Putting aside the ramifications of Hazerath’s departure for the moment, the group decided to Teleport to Primus in order to investigate the rumors of a match between Darius and Marcus Hape. Upon their arrive, the group again experienced difficulty getting into the city before contacting Julius Jackalseye for his assistance. The enigmatic golden-eyed man quickly took care of things for the group and brought them into the city, briefing them on several important new facts.

According to Julius, they had discovered that a group called “The Cult of the Leviathan” were behind the recent tidal waves devastating Pax. Their leader was a mysterious figure called Enshaddon, who Julius had a picture of – Julius was also suspicious that Marcus Hape might also be involved with the cult. The group agreed to look into the matter and departed, intending to meet with Marcus in a local inn called The Green Gargoyle.

Arriving at the inn, the group met with Marcus and his bodyguards, who quickly made it clear to Darius and the others that the entire thing was a huge publicity stunt – however, Marcus also clarified that he did intend for the battle between him and Darius to be very real, as the winner would take home a significantly larger share of the prize money than the loser (although the battle would not be fatal). Staging a fight to increase the local hype, the group backed out quickly, with Darius and Marcus shouting taunts at each other.

As the group was leaving, a small squirrel ran up to Droverson and handed him a note – however, the note was poorly-spelled, nearly-illegible, and smelled quite foul. When none of the party members could make sense of the message, Droverson returned to The College of the Arcane Order to seek assistance. The mages pointed him in the direction of the newly-arrived alchemist Peter von Pyrom, who quickly translated the note as a message of communication from Ivan, who was curious what had happened to Hazerath. Pleased with the alchemist’s skills, the group invited him along. After performing more research in the local library on various subjects, the group made a shocking discovery – Edwin Tolstoff was apparently Kael Varda’s maternal grandfather! The mercenary ranger revealed that he had not known any of his family other than his parents, and was shocked and stricken to learn that he was descended “not only from a damn dirty mage, but from THE damn dirty mage”. The group soon began calculating whether Darius would throw the upcoming fight, and whether they would compete in the simultaneous tournament…



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