The Sinister Six

#35 - Homecoming, part 2

"Wait, exactly how dangerous?"

After a short while, the party was again contacted by Julius Jackalseye, who informed them that The Namer was “politely requesting” an audience with them at the Logarus. Making their way into the large, bustling building, the group was quickly escorted to a large office-like room, where their host was waiting for them. Julius revealed that the captured mage had given them a great deal of useful information, mainly affirming the existence of The Cult of the Leviathan and confirming that Enshaddon was their leader. The cult was apparently now lying low, and The Namer did not seem to believe that the same group was responsible for the worm problems the group had been seeing – however, he did believe that one of The Sinister Six had gone rogue and was behind one or both of the groups.

Suddenly, the door burst open, and two alu-fiend warcasters attempted to assassinate the namer, firing one-use rods of twinned orb of force. However, Kael and Darius Ashanti quickly dispatched one of the alu-fiends, and the other’s bolt, although it did strike the Namer, was not fatal (or even a terribly serious wound). The Namer seemed more concerned with the damage it did to his robe than to his health.

Droverson broached the possibility that Soulcrusher and Skinwalker might be working together, citing a lack of evidence of catastrophes in Kul and Villia as evidence. The Namer opined that Skinwalker was the one the group should investigating, stating that Soulcrusher did not have the ability to summon alu-fiends, but Skinwalker did.

The group then departed for The Darklands to meet with Nightstalker. After a short detour to Roscoe‘s castle due to a teleport mishap, the group returned to Nighthold and began filling the vampire lord in on recent events. During the briefing, Droverson was unable to conceal the loss of The Dagger of Milambre from Nightstalker, but the vampire lord seemed more amused than concerned. However, he did advise the group that they should try to regain the dagger from Hazerath. Additionally, in a private meeting afterward, Nightstalker and Kael discussed Kael’s efforts to become a half-vampire. Although he stated that Kael would be more useful in his current form, Nightstalker offered to help Kael achieve his goal if the mercenary ranger would consent to have a geas placed upon him, binding him to Nightstalker’s service. The vampire lord even offered to cast a spell that would transform the ranger into a half-vampire on the spot if Kael could produce 100,000 pieces of gold to cover the costs of the spell – or, if the ranger did not have the gold, Nightstalker offered to give him information which would lead to a secret location where Kael could perform the ritual on himself, although it would be very dangerous. The mercenary ranger was conflicted, unsure of how deeply he wanted to commit himself to his liege…



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