The Sinister Six

#55 - The Eater of Gods, part 1

"They'll never look for me there!"

After a quick return to Quellen’dair to rest and heal, the party continued on to Chain to resume their search for Soelma Nilaenish. Darius disguised himself as a fictional person to go out carousing, but to his shock was quickly recognized, despite never having been in the place before. The party became suspicious and began to investigate. Meanwhile, Glorim Redrock cast several divination spells and a Commune spell, discovering that Soelma was apparently taking refuge in an extra-dimensional space somewhere in Kul‘s vast underground caverns, far from any city or town. Deciding that Chain was a dead end, the party Teleported back to Taxx Murgen’s stronghold, intending to take Calabrand from the renegade vampire by force. However, when they arrived, they discovered that the fortress had been decimated and all of the vampire’s guards killed by fire and electricity, as well as a volley of arrows and sword wounds. Kael examined the tracks and determined that the carnage had been done by a group of five medium humanoids, one heavily armored. A search of the stronghold found that all valuables had been looted, and that Taxx seemed nowhere around. However, a thorough search by Jeryk turned up a secret room deep under the stronghold, reachable only by traveling through a tiny twisty passage navigable only by mist. Inside the room, the party found a battered coffin which contained Taxx’s headless corpse, impaled by a stake with the words “Payback’s a bitch – Love, Tomokk” carved on it. Calabrand was nowhere to be found.
_Teleporting to Nighthold with Taxx’s body, the party returned to Nightstalker but was shocked when he asked why they had reutrned so soon, indicating they had been there a week ago with Taxx’s head. Darius became enraptured by the vampire’s gaze and Nightstalker quickly learned all that had transpired, seeming filled with glee as he learned of Skinwalker’s demise and his replacement by Skywalker. Dismissing the party, he announced that there would be a very interesting meeting at Sixmeet the next day…



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