The Sinister Six

#52 - The Hidden Hand, part 1

"Oh, and just so you know..."

After performing research and creating more items, the party returned for another meeting with Skywalker, who informed them that his djinni minions had found evidence that Enshaddon had teleported directly into Villia, and that Taxx Murgen was holed up in a small castle near the borders of Pax and Gulark. However, before the party could follow up, the elven mage informed the party that he had a critical task for them. Apparently the current leader of the mage’s guild was abusing his position, and Skywalker wanted the party to bring his behavior to the people’s attention so he could be removed – but the current guild leader had bought the loyalty of most of the important leaders of the city, and thus couldn’t be removed normally. Droverson and Darius quickly took action, enacting one of their old “gags” from their days as “legitimate businessmen” in Chain to trick a guard into believing that the Archmage had been replaced by an impostor and was being held captive in his room. The guards quickly rushed in to rescue the Archmage and discovered the ledger, and the Archmage was swiftly ousted from office. Shortly thereafter, the mages voted to elect Skywalker to become the new Archmage, to his surprise (or so he said).

Departing from Quellen’dair, the party made their way to Taxx Murgen’s castle, where they attempted to bargain with the renegade vampire for Calabrand. At first, Taxx seemed wary but amenable, stating he would trade the legendary sword for two Sun Blades with protective gauntlets. However, Kael Varda made an offhand remark that Tomokk Bloodfist had been resurrected, which caused the vampire to go into a cold rage. Grating out that he would make no deals with the party until Tomokk was dead, Taxx expelled the party from the castle. Meanwhile, an unseen Jeryk explored the castle, discovering several locked areas as well as an extensive ventilation system.

Teleporting to Primus, the group had a meeting with Mytus the Sage, where they informed him of their discovery of Quellen’dair and their latest adventures. Mytus, in turn, informed the party that he had been investigating the Cult of the Leviathan, and had uncovered evidence that they maintained temples or sites of some kind underwater off the northern coast of Pax. Furthermore, Mytus had come into possession of a magical vessel which could allow the party to travel underwater and explore these sites. Additionally, Kael made a deal with The Namer to borrow Ath-Cullen to use as a weapon against the Elder Evils, and lent his original bow to Julius Jackalseye. Debating their options, the party began planning for an underwater adventure…



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