The Sinister Six

#53 - The Hidden Hand, part 2

"We're gonna need a bigger boat."

Following instructions from Mytus, the party journeyed to the ruins of Lutus and found Mytus’s vessel, concealed by an illusion. Although entering and piloting the ship proved difficult at first, Droverson quickly mastered the controls, and the party made their way to the island off the coast where they had seen the mysterious mage’s boat heading during the events of Best Served Cold, part 3. Investigating, they found traces of a large campsite and a ritual summoning circle, indicating that some form of magic had been executed here. However, the place was empty now.

Reboarding the vessel, Droverson took the ship beneath the waves to search for more outposts of the Cult. As the ship made its way through the clear water, the party slowly became aware that the landscape beneath them appeared to describe strange contours and features. Eventually, the horrible truth dawned on everyone – The Leviathan was a tremendously titanic creature which made up the very crust of the seafloor, easily hundreds of miles in size if not thousands. Spotting a stone spire underwater which had a few lights on it, the group brought the ship alongside it and prepared to venture out, as Glorim cast spells of Water Breathing and Freedom of Movement on everyone.

Venturing into the darkness of the spire, the party encountered several sahuagin neophytes, who appeared to be scrubbing or engraving the inner walls of the spire for some reason. Although the group was able to easily dispatch most of the fish-men, one managed to escape and flee deeper into the spire. Most of the party gave chase, while Jeryk stayed behind to investigate the rest of the first floor. On the level below, the party found themselves fighting off large sharks and spellcasting sahuagin adepts, but enemies were quickly devastated by the skull-shrouded arrows from Kael’s weapon, as he unleashed the power of the Deathbow against his enemies. Droverson and Darius rocked their foes with spells as well, and Jeryk made skirmishing attacks intermittently while Glorim blasted the fish-men with negative energy.

After the opposition had been defeated, Kael, Droverson, and Darius returned to the first floor to investigate the chests and treasure there, while Glorim descended to the third floor alone. Droverson, waiting on the second floor, eventually became concerned when he heard no sign from Glorim, and descended to the third floor while the others continued to gather treasure on the top floor.

As Droverson entered the third floor, he saw Glorim locked in mortal combat with some invisible force, which later turned out to be a waterveiled assassin. The two fought with their opponent for several seconds, but the creature fled as the rest of the party arrived. As the still-invisible creature jetted away in the direction of a large, glowing red altar, the spire was suddenly rocked by tremors as a massive earthquake struck the sea-floor – the Leviathan was stirring in its sleep. As a horrendous noise from above signaled to the party that their vessel had been destroyed, Droverson teleported everyone back to Primus. After informing Mytus of their findings, the sage promised to further research their disturbing results. Examining their options, the group decided to return to Quellen’dair and speak with Skywalker


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#53 - The Hidden Hand, part 2

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