The Sinister Six

#47 - The Kul Conspiracy, part 1

"Is it time to run away yet?"

After spending a week in Lucre resting and improving their items, Droverson contacted Skinwalker and informed him of the events at the Vanguard temple. Successfully convincing the shape-shifting madman that the yuan-ti at the temple had been his enemies, Droverson set Skinwalker on a collision course with the demon that had driven them out of the temple. The next day, Droverson received another message from Skinwalker demanding that the group return to Villia and assist him in destroying the creature. The group obediently returned to Ivan’s druid grove and accompanied Skinwalker to the ruined temple, where they set up an ambush for the creature.

Glorim Redrock began to bash his axe and shield together to draw the creature to them. Upon its arrival, he identified it as a golothoma, an incredibly powerful demon of which only nine were said to exist – highly resistant to physical attacks and most forms of energy. The party began to blast the creature with spells, but its ravenous shadow quickly proved deadly to Glorim and badly wounded Jeryk as well. However, thanks to a concentrated salvo of fire and lightning spells, the party was eventually able to bring the creature down. Droverson used a scroll of Raise Dead to revive Glorim, and the group finished exploring the temple – it seemed that the snake-men had meticulously cleaned out most of what was valuable, but the group was able to find some discarded weapons and armor. Deciding that they needed to return to Nighthold, the group took their leave – Skinwalker seemed intent on hunting down the remaining Vanguard.

Back in The Darklands, the group was told that Nightstalker wished to meet with them when he returned from the field. However, while they were waiting, Darius engaged in a mysterious deal with Shadow Killerson McDeath and Droverson received an urgent and demanding series of messages from Soelma Nilaenish. The future clearly held interesting events…



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