The Sinister Six

#49 - The Kul Conspiracy, part 3

"Now, kiss and make up"

Safely back in Nighthold, the party sold their loot from recent adventures and began looking into ways to improve their equipment. However, before they could get much done, Droverson send a taunting message to The Rattler, hinting at an alliance with Kimach. Suddenly, Droverson was contacted by Nightstalker, demanding that everyone go to his keep immediately. Upon arriving, Nightstalker teleported the entire group back to Sixmeet for another conclave.

The situation quickly became clear – the Rattler had informed the rest of The Sinister Six about Droverson’s statement, and now they were forced to deal with the situation. Citing that knowledge of Kimach was far too dangerous to be let out in the open, the Rattler immediately initiated a motion to have Droverson and everyone else in the party killed. Soulcrusher agreed instantly, and after some deliberation, Skinwalker was also forced to concede the necessity. Nightstalker and The Namer voted against the motion, however, and the final decision fell to The Keeper. Pensive, the lich-queen advised the party to tell her their story, and listened to Droverson’s tale intently. Finally, after a team effort of Diplomacy, the Keeper finally decided to spare the party for now, reasoning that their knowledge might prove helpful in turning aside the more dire threats of the cataclysmic phenomena.

As the party began relating the series of events that had occurred since the last Sixmeet, strange behaviors were observed on all sides – Soulcrusher ceased ranting and stared intently at Glorim, while Skinwalker behaved oddly, even for him, during a line of questioning related to the cambions making movements throughout Sor’drim. Even Nightstalker and The Namer seemed intent on concealing certain things, although the Rattler was refreshingly hostile as usual. Towards the end of the meeting, however, Droverson managed to make headway in making peace with the hateful lich, apologizing for his behavior and securing the freedom to return to Gulark on the condition that he notify The Rattler before entering or leaving the domain by any means.

Drained, the party returned to Nighthold and held a private meeting with Nightstalker, after which he advised them to make a journey to Glorim’s homeland, reasoning that the dwarf city might have ancient records which could contain vital information about the current state of affairs. Before setting off, however, the group decided to make a side trip to Scrape, to visit an aquaintance of Jeryk’s – a halfling named Milton


And THIS, Droverson, is why we don’t go around telling everything to everybody!!!!!

#49 - The Kul Conspiracy, part 3

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