The Sinister Six

#50 - The Kul Conspiracy, part 4

"You want me to teleport a half-mile straight up?"

Arriving in Scrape, the group quickly sought out Milton’s residence. After Jeryk warned Milton that others would be arriving, the group made their way inside, discovering that Milton was having some difficulty with a local crime syndicate called “The Green Stones”, and promised to investigate. However, on their way out, they noticed a secret door in a nearby empty room, and discovered that the Milton they had been speaking to was an impostor – a werewolf with one green eye and one blue eye. Following him through the sewers, they ambushed the fake Milton and his two allies (a human and a cambion) and defeated them all. Glorim used a Speak with Dead spell to interrogate the corpse of the werewolf, but found little useful information.

After having Milton assist in crafting some items, Droverson contacted Mytus the Sage, asking if he could assist with Teleport coordinates to Glorim’s town of Stonehollow. Mytus did indeed have coordinates to the location, but also asked Droverson to investigate another set of coordinates not far away, but very high up – nearly a half-mile above the ground. Deferring that until later, the group teleported to Stonehollow.

Although there was some initial tension when the dwarves discovered that Jeryk was a dark elf, the group eventually managed to successfully open diplomatic negotiation with the dwarves. Glorim was escorted to a meeting with the Pillars of Stonehollow, while the group was escorted to Glorim’s family estate (although the guards treated them less than respectfully). While Glorim worked together with Stonewarden Mithralvein to uncover deeper secrets about the Elder Evils in the dwarves’ archives, Jeryk learned more about the dwarves’ culture from Glorim’s uncles Beardgar and Beardbeard (dwarves have many words for beard). During his research, Glorim discovered that the dwarves had previously worked very closely with a group of powerful elven magic-users to stand against the Elder Evils in the distant past.

Droverson, investigating Mytus’ mystery coordinates, Teleported to the appropriate spot and found himself standing in the entryway of a beautiful floating city, populated entirely by elves. Learning that the city was known as Quellen’dair, the group were quickly escorted to a curious mage who had standing orders to bring outsiders to him. The party was at first apprehensive, but the mage surprisingly turned out to be quite friendly and sensible. The elf, who gave his name as Skywalker and appeared to have signs of air genasi heritage, listened to the party’s stories and told a few of his own, relating that he had visited some of the surface lands in disguise and was interested in learning more of them. Skywalker granted the party permission to perform more research in the elves’ libraries, which proved to be near-limitless and contain dozens of pieces of crucial information, including a great deal of detailed knowledge about Calabrand and Father Llymic. Aftewards, Skywalker presented the party with a task – if they could discover the fate of some missing lumberjacks, he would pay them a sum of gold, as a way to build trust between the two of them in hopes of working together in the future. Agreeing to the task, the party Teleported down to the surface and began reconnoitering the area where the lumberjacks had disappeared. Kael and Jeryk quickly located a small woodlands community where all the residents seemed to be behaving strangely – attempting to chop down trees with the wrong side of an axe, taking empty buckets away from the well, and so on. Falling back, the party regrouped, trying to decide their next move…



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