The Sinister Six

#32 - The Main Event, part 1

The Jods Must Be Crazy

After careful weighing of the odds, Darius delivered a message to Jimmy Two-Toes‘s representative that he would throw the fight. Excited about the prospect of the rewards, Droverson and Kael also submitted forms to enter the tournament – Droverson planned to dominate the Copper tier, beating up farmers and peasants, while Kael intended to make a go of the Silver tier. Submitting their entry forms, they began doing preparatory work while still performing research on Marcus Hape and the plague of worms affecting Sor’drim.

While Droverson dug through ancient tomes in The Evan F Roarke Sorcery Academy’s library, he came across a battered and stained book which described the the legends surrounding Kyuss, also known as The King of Worms or The Worm that Walks. While the information in the text was brief and limited in usefulness, it referred to a thing Droverson had never heard of before – a collection of creatures called “gods”, which Droverson pronounced “jods”. Researching these “jods”, Droverson uncovered scattered and highly fragmented evidence that they were once creatures so powerful that people worshipped them, apparently able to reshape reality to their whim.

As the date of the tournament drew near, Darius managed to uncover a connection between Marcus Hape and The Cult of the Leviathan by winning a game of chance against a resourceful and well-protected informant. Passing this information along to Julius Jackalseye, the group was able to discover that the Cult had planned a ritual in the city’s sewers during the height of the upcoming tournament. Darius, since he knew his absence might spook Hape, volunteered to take disguised stand-ins to the tournament with him while the rest of the party attacked the Cult’s gathering – Julius volunteered to help fill the hole left in their roster by Darius’s absence. Droverson quickly located a suitable stand-in for everyone, while Kael withdrew his application to the tournament. However, Droverson merely had his double impersonate him, and to Darius’s amusement, the unskilled peasant won the Copper Tier, collecting a thousand gold. Meanwhile, beneath the city, the rest of the group quickly annihilated a perimeter-guard force at the edge of the cult’s territory, despite facing multiple powerful mages. The clock was ticking as the group raced against time to stop the ritual…



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