The Sinister Six

#33 - The Main Event, part 2

"Wait, we're just the maintenance crew!"

As Darius prepared to enter the arena, donning a magical bracelet which would protect him from death, the rest of the group made their way deeper into the sewers, determined to stop the cultists’ ritual. While scouting ahead through a rubble-filled corridor, Kael fell victim to a pit trap laced with green slime, costing the group precious minutes as Peter von Pyrom mixed up some potions to cure the ranger’s infection. Bypassing another trap which would have dropped a stone slab on them, the party continued onward and found themselves facing a large pair of double doors.

At a request from Droverson, Julius Jackalseye heaved the door open, revealing a large chamber where several stone walkways converged above a large pit of sewage. In the center of the chamber, eight cult mages had succeeded in summoning a waterveiled assassin, and a figure who resembled the description they had been given for Enshaddon appeared to be overseeing the entire event. Droverson quickly sent a blast of cold magic through the elemental at Enshaddon, but the mysterious cult leader appeared to completely absorb the spell with no harm. Enshaddon quickly dove into the pit of sewage and escaped, while the party had their hands full with the cult mages and the elemental. Kael, surrounded by his favored enemies, began shooting arrows rapid-fire all over the room, while Peter and Droverson worked together to destroy the powerful elemental. When the dust cleared, the only enemy still standing was a cult mage that had been caught in his own Charm Monster spell when Kael reflected it using his Occult Slayer powers. Julius captured the mage with a gesture, and promised to return to the party with more information after interrogating him. The mysterious warlock then disappeared with his prisoner.

Meanwhile, Darius and Marcus Hape had begun their fight. Quickly agreeing on a set of rules for the combat, the two dueled for nearly two minutes, fighting only with weapons and defensive spells. Eventually, however, Darius began preparations to throw the fight, dropping his protective spells one by one as Hape advanced menacingly. Suddenly, Hape used a Vanish spell to perform a sneak attack against Darius, impaling the dragon-blooded mercenary on his enchanted longsword. At first, Darius was sure that the enchanted bracelet would save him, but suddenly knew something was wrong as a horrible weakening feeling began to steal the life from his body. “Gotcha” Hape whispered in his ear as the darkness closed in…

When the rest of the party returned to the surface, they hurried to the arena to see the aftermath of Darius’s battle. Encountering the emissary of Jimmy Two-Toes, they learned that Darius had lost the fight as expected, and the emissary was looking for Darius to give him his winnings – however, he had been taken away to a secluded room after the fight and had not been seen since. Promising to return to the emissary momentarily, the party made their way back to Darius’s location to make a shocking discovery – the sellsword was dead, felled by an assassin’s Death Attack. The group quickly began to plan how to respond to the situation as night was beginning to fall on Primus



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