Darius Ashanti

Wandering Gambler


A mid-height human with dark hair and an easy grin, he appears to possess a katana that he can make appear and disappear at will.


A wandering gambler and sell-sword, traveling with Droverson. Some stories that he and Droverson have mentioned appear to indicate that both of them are traveling mages from Gulark – specifically, from The University of Thaumaturgy in Chain. Darius appears to be skilled at both magic and swordfighting, displaying both strength and nerve. He can also deflect attacks with an invisible barrier of force, and cause explosions of devastating fire seemingly at will. After instruction at The Academy of Abjuration in Primus, Darius seems to be gaining more control over his powers, as well as improving his combat prowess.

Recently, Darius had begun showing signs of ruthlessness and cruelty, as his red dragon heritage comes increasingly to the fore – however, he appears to be pursuing a path of redemption after sparing a lowlife thug’s life in Chain. After his temporary death at the hands of Marcus Hape, it remains to be seen how far Darius’s goodwill will go…

Darius Ashanti

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