Young Sorcerer


A young, clear-eyed man in a traveling suit of very good quality, Frederick Droverson appears to be wielding a quarterstaff and wearing a scarf, as well as an intricately-woven pair of padded leggings. Often mischievous, always irreverent, and never at a loss for words.


A young student from The University of Thaumaturgy in Chain, this part-time traveling merchant journeys with his friend Darius Ashanti. During the events that followed, it was shown that although Droverson and his friend are young, they are not exactly what they appear to be – Droverson can command powerful spells which kill or crush his enemies, and appears to have a surprisingly great command of both intelligence and subtlety, using minor spell effects and effective interrogation techniques to quickly gather important information. Is he really just a merchant who dropped out of one of Gulark’s most prominent spell colleges? Or something else entirely?

For some time, he had possession of a strange, orange-bladed dagger, with mysterious powers. He had been reluctant to use it in combat, preferring mostly to rely on his spells, until the dagger was stolen by Hazerath. He also showed a mysterious talent to inspire his companions when he touched Kael and filled him with confidence for a critical bow shot. Increasingly, he has begun to favor lightning spells, and appears to be increasing his magical powers after studying at The College of the Arcane Order in Primus. In addition to mastering other powers, Droverson recently learned the ability to Teleport.


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