Shadowy Cleric


This tall individual wears concealing clothes, including a scarf which conceals a ragged “H” branded into his neck. He currently calls himself Hazerath bin Belial, but may have gone by other names in the past – and might change his name again in the future.


A mercenary cleric traveling with Tomokk Bloodfist. In battle, Hazerath has displayed great skill at stealth and elimination, quickly and silently taking out multiple targets in addition to destroying several enemies with a blast of mysterious energy from a dagger blow. As time has passed, Hazerath has become increasingly open with the party, revealing his identity as a priest of the Brotherhood of the Black Blade.

During an encounter with Nightstalker, Hazerath angered the vampire lord, causing Nightstalker to dominate Hazerath and reveal his identity as a branded heretic. The Lord of the Darklands then cautioned Hazerath against any further attempts at manipulation or betrayal…but revenge is a dish best served cold.

Recently, Hazerath used his connections with the party to engineer the torture and slaying of LuShen Mon and Edward Kells, two of Hazerath’s previous fellow cultists, as well as the acquisition of a book on shadow rituals. After completing a harrowing ceremony, Hazerath was transformed into a Shadow-Walker. Hazerath has also shown the ability to create and control undead, transforming the corpse of Gilmagar Rujao into his lisping pet zombie “Francis”, who was later released into the wild to terrorize communities in The Darklands.

Further hints at Hazerath’s true identity were revealed in Primus, when Edward Kells referred to him as “Sparker” just before being killed by the shadowy cleric. After the events of his death and resurrection in Primus, Hazerath appears to have undergone a magical change of alignment, dedicating himself to good and altruism.

After killing or converting all of his previous acquaintances, Hazerath took The Dagger of Milambre from Droverson and battled his evil side, eventually gaining control of the dagger and teleporting away to pursue a crusade against the evil in Sor’Drim. Having now gone rogue, the party is unsure of what his next move will be.


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