Mysterious Druid


A thin and unkept man with a scruffy beard and black hair, this druid wears loose ash-colored clothing and wields a scimitar.


Little was known about the elusive druid who may have been watching the party for some time, but he appears to have commanded powerful summoning magics, as well as the ability to summon a blade of flame and move as swiftly as a racing horse. Ivan appeared gruff to an extreme, often completely ignoring conversation attempts by the rest of the party – if he served a greater purpose than his own whims, he never spoke of it. His giant wolf companion, Harvard, went missing suddenly, and the party suspects that it may have become a slime whelp. Ivan usually came and went at his own discretion, often disappearing for days at a time. Recently killed by an unknown beast, although the party has begun to harbor suspicions that the mighty druid met his end at the claws of Skinwalker.


The Sinister Six Arafain