Jeryk Eddon

The Vengeance Killer


An grim-looking human of medium height, equipped with a greatsword whose surface is usually covered with black flames.


A vicious and laconic man whom the party encountered slaughtering cambions and thugs in Scrape, Jeryk may be the mysterious Vengeance Killer responsible for similar slayings in Villia. His abilities appear to include great expertise with his greatsword, ability to summon and move through darkness, teleportation, levitation, and the ability to fly into a berserker rage.

Thus far, Jeryk has revealed little of his motivations, and appears very secretive about himself (initially going by the alias “Steve Vorka”), but does claim to know Ivan and has quickly proved himself useful. In addition to being a skillful fighter and infiltrator, Jeryk also appears very knowledgeable about magical effects, religion, and other planes of existence.

Another ability that Jeryk has shown is the ability to change his shape, leading to speculation about his real identity. When an anti-magic field appeared to turn him into a dark elf in Kul briefly, he brushed it off as “a magical effect”. Most of the party appeared not to care, but Glorim Redrock seemed quite suspicious. Jeryk later confided in the party that his true form is that of a dark elf, but he was raised by surface elves. Is this the real Jeryk, or just another mask?

Jeryk Eddon

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