Kael Varda

Mercenary Soldier


A tall, scruffy ranger who wears dark clothing, and appears to be equipped with two swords and a longbow.


A mysterious mercenary, trained in the art of killing mages and magic-users. Skilled at tracking and stealth, the ranger appears to be a highly-trained fighter as well, showing clear effectiveness with both his longbow and his swords. During the party’s travels, Kael has revealed that he was previously a platoon commander in the Darklands Army, and used silent hand signals to coordinate the party’s movements in battle. He also appears to collect trophies from the slain bodies of his enemies if they are spellcasters.

Over the course of his adventures with the party, Kael has greatly improved his ability with the longbow, becoming a peerless sniper capable of killing even unstoppable golems with his arrows. After receiving instruction from a Witch Hunter, Kael has improved his abilities to combat spellcasters even further.

Kael’s long and bloody history with The Mysterious Man, aka Roscoe, came to a close in Nighthold when he participated in the resurrection of the undead mage’s grandson and fostered him at The Nighthold Wizards’ Guild.

Recently, Kael has become obsessed with the idea of becoming a Daywalker, or half-vampire. Although every scrap of information he unearths seems to hold more and more obstacles, the mercenary ranger seems undaunted. Now armed with the powerful Deathbow, the ranger is becoming increasingly feared as a deadly slayer of even the most powerful enemies.

Kael Varda

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