Tomokk Bloodfist

Bounty Hunter


A hugely muscled, six-foot half-orc who often wore heavy armor under a leather trench coat and wielded a finely-made greatsword.


A hulking bounty hunter, traveling through The Darklands with his companion Hazerath. During the engagements the party has fought, Tomokk appeared to possess both great strength and skill with his sword, utterly obliterating many opponents including a huge ogre. Additionally, the half-orc appeared to have another kind of hidden power – the other party members all noticed strange flashes of light emanating from him at various times, as well as the ability to heal his own wounds. These powers were later explained as psionic talent, as the half-orc was trained as a Vampire Hunter.

Recently, Tomokk had become something of a minor celebrity in Nighthold, as tales have begun to circulate about his return. The attendance of Hartock Rynesten‘s vampire hunting classes increased considerably as a result of Tomokk’s newfound celebrity. Since the return of Tierad Rynesten to Nighthold, Tomokk had become an even greater celebrity – especially since receiving the special training of the Rynesten clan’s secret Vampire Slaying techniques. Tomokk learned new and powerful abilities since learning the techniques, including the ability to transfer his wounds to his foes and cut effortlessly through armor and shields, as well as the ability to teleport short distances.

His defeat at the hands of Taxx Murgen weighed heavily on the half-orc’s mind, and his efforts to seek out the renegade vampire to settle the score eventually caused Taxx to began taking measures against him. After a devasting exposure to the drug luhix badly disabled the half-orc, he died under mysterious circumstances in the city of Chain. The party was quite surprised to find him returned to life, and working together with Hazerath some time later. After finally defeated his nemesis and acquiring the legendary sword Calabrand, Tomokk met his doom at the hands of The Leviathan and had his soul devoured by the Elder Evil.

Tomokk Bloodfist

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