“When I first arrived at Nighthold, my first thought was, ‘Wow, that’s a big castle!’ My second was ‘Damn it, someone just stole my wallet,’ and my third was ‘Holy crap, that guard just decapitated that pickpocket who stole my wallet!’ But the big castle thing is really the keeper.” – Ross Talbot, Traveling Bard

Nighthold is the capital of the Darklands, seat of government and location of Nightstalker’s Keep. Founded in roughly 850 AP, Nighthold replaced Freesite as the seat of government for Cynidicea, which was later dissolved into Gulark and The Darklands in roughly 1000 AP.

Nighthold’s primary claim to fame is the Black College, the renowned military academy and mercenary training institution. The city is also a sizable metropolis, boasting a population of nearly a million residents and a thriving commercial sector. The main trade route is a caravan highway leading south to Tread.

Recently, Nighthold was devastated by The Liberating Army’s failed coup, with much of the city damaged or destroyed.

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