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“Well, at first, me and the lads didn’t think we’d make it out alive. Our position was pinned down, and we were takin’ heavy fire from the merc squad that had trapped us in the gully and blocked the other end by choppin’ down a tree. All of a sudden, I sees a big shadow ride up from behind ‘em, and they all just sorta vanished under this dark cloud. I heard a lot of screamin’, and some fightin’ sounds, but after a few minutes everything quieted down and it got real still. The boys and I sorta just sat there, waitin’ to see if it was a trick, and that’s when he appeared at the edge of the gully. He was cut up a bit – I guess a few of ‘em got off some lucky hits – but he just sorta grinned at me and held out an arm to help me outta the gully. I figured it wasn’t polite to stare at the fangs, y’see.” – Dragun Tredd, Sergeant of the Darklands Army

An immortal vampire who has ruled the Darklands for at least two centuries, Nightstalker has a reputation of being ruthless but fair. He is a peerless commander of armies as well as a powerful sorcerer, and his most elite lieutenants are also vampires under his control.

After their encounter with the Vampire Lord, the party’s general impression of Nightstalker is that he is businesslike and sensible, but plays things close to the vest and has little tolerance for risk or waste. Some of the unusual powers the group noted include his ability to cast a legend lore spell and the ability to darken the area near him at all times with no effort. He has also shown powers of regeneration, teleportation, and the ability to dispel magic and create Walls of Force.

(Will be updated as more information is revealed.)


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