Shadow Killerson McDeath

Shadow Killerson McDeath is a young street thug from Primus who joined the party at Hazerath‘s indulgence, although he later became closer to Darius after Hazerath’s atonement. A sullen youth with aspirations to be Sor’drim’s most feared assassin, “Shadow” has shown fearlessness in combat and a lack of hesitation when attacking and killing his foes…if not a great amount of competence.

In battle, “Shadow” prefers to use unarmed strikes and a shortbow (although he does carry several edged weapons) and has shown several impressive capabilities, including the ability to perform a “Teleport Dodge” in a manner similar to Taxx Murgen, which saved him from being eaten by a remorhaz. He also appears to be able to endure grievous physical injury without concern, although this may be just a consequence of his personality.

After the party’s adventures at Freesite, “Shadow” parted ways with the group in Deal. Eventually, they met up with him again, only to discover that he was now actively performing assassinations. Clearly having trained himself to greater heights of stealth and magic, the young assassin warned Darius of Marcus Hape‘s attempt to take out a contract with him on the party – news that eventually led to Hape’s death. Since then, “Shadow” has been keeping a low profile, slowly building his reputation.

Recent rumors seem to indicate that he has made good progress towards being regarded as the most feared assassin in Sor’drim since that position was vacated by Marcus Hape – he certainly seems capable of performing amazing feats of stealth and assassination. He was able to knock Kael Varda, Jeryk Eddon, and Glorim Redrock unconscious without alerting anyone (although he may have been under the effects of powerful spells from Soelma Nilaenish as well). Thankfully, the young assassin seems to still have some regard for Darius, having twice protected him from assassination attempts.

(Will be updated as more information is revealed.)

Shadow Killerson McDeath

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