Soelma Nilaenish

Soelma Nilaenish is a powerful elven wizard who holds a professorship emeritus at the The University of Thaumaturgy in Chain, the capital of Gulark. She previously taught or administered classes in which both Darius Ashanti and Droverson were enrolled, and has something of a dislike for Darius. Her manner is generally quiet and polite, but her extremely powerful magic lends her a certain edge of danger.

She has several times hired the party for various tasks, always paying them well and promptly. Recently, she had been very concerned about a potentially missing copy of The Zoretha Scrolls in the possession of a mysterious figure raiding merchant shipments to Kul, later revealed to be Janwulf the Soulbiter.

After Janwulf’s death at the hands of the party, Soelma led them into a death-trap and revealed her true intentions – to use The Zoretha Scrolls in conjunction with Janwulf’s stolen followers to enact a ritual that will destroy the world.

(Will be updated as more information is revealed.)

Soelma Nilaenish

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