Overlord of the Thoon

“The boat to Ix is usually the best way to move goods in a hurry if you want to get some ore or stone over to the mainland. The mates and I were shipping a good-sized load of copper across the hop when all of a sudden I saw another ship – a big caravel, low in the water, with werewolves crewing the deck. Werewolves! I thought for sure we were all going to die, but then a ghost of a huge man in armor and a helmet appeared. He just seemed to look at the wolf-ship, and suddenly half of them started attacking the other half, biting and clawing…one of them tried to cast some kind of spell at the ghost, but then it suddenly clutched at its chest and fell over, dead. Maybe that whole country really is haunted – but it’s great profits!” – Jorem Calix, Merchant Sailor

The mastery of psionic powers which allowed Soulcrusher to shed his physical body centuries ago has done little to preserve his sanity. Soulcrusher broods in the caverns under Kul, nurturing his harvests of puppeteers and other mind-controlling parasites in preparation for his conquest of Sor’drim – the citizens aboveground have either learned not to question him, or are already infested.

In conversation, the psion seems wildly insane, speaking only to utter crazed maledictions and paranoia.

(Will be updated as more information is revealed.)


The Sinister Six Arafain