The Dagger of Milambre

The Dagger of Milambre is a mysterious object discovered by the party in the mines underneath the graveyard of Painter’s Grove. It is currently bonded to Droverson.

The dagger’s appearance is that of several pieces of carved stone and crystal, of various shapes and colors. The handle of the dagger is made mostly of cloudy white crystal, with a dark blue stone sphere set into the pommel. The crosspiece is of black onyx stone, and the blade is a single piece of vibrant orange crystal. It radiates magic intensely enough to blind anyone who uses Detect Magic in its direction. The dagger apparently has the ability to “bond” to a given individual, reappearing in their possession similar to a cursed weapon whenever lost or discarded.

The dagger has displayed the following behaviors, some in a more consistent manner than others;

  • spawning an earth elemental when struck with a hammer
  • causing Droverson to grow to a height of 800 feet
  • shooting beams of energy
  • turning into a cartwheel of force blades
  • imploding a large oak tree
  • causing Droverson to grow to twice his normal size

Nightstalker has shown great consternation regarding the dagger after casting a legend lore spell. Apparently, the dagger is very difficult to destroy, and appears to have a disturbing property regarding its ability to dispel magic.

(Will be updated as more information is revealed.)

The Dagger of Milambre

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