The Darklands

“The lack of sunlight is making me suicidal.” – Ross Talbot, Traveling Bard

The Darklands, a country occupying the center of Sor’drim, is the domain of Nightstalker. Perpetually shrouded in darkness even during the middle of the day, the Darklands is nevertheless a thriving hub of commerce, agriculture, and education. Although its colleges are primarily dedicated to the arts of war (as opposed to the more cerebral learning institutions of Gulark or Pax), they are numerous and well-operated. The capital of the Darklands is Nighthold, home to Nightstalker’s Keep in addition to being the most populous city in the domain.

Farming and Agriculture
The lack of sunlight keeps crop yields low in most of the country, with the exception of Scrape, the domain’s primary food-producing center which lies beyond the edge of the Overcast. However, the difficulty in growing crops has spurred many advances in farming technology, including cross-breeding various strains of food crops to produce new strains which require less light, and leveraging better irrigation technology to supply crops with more nutrients.

Industry and Military
The primary industry of the Darklands is war – with its central location, the Darklands is exposed to attacks from all sides by other domains in the innumerable mercenary actions which constantly plague Sor’drim. A highly complex drama is played out each year involving fake attacks, illusion-shielded troops, brushfire sieges, false flag operations, and a host of other actions which are all smoothly denied by every one of The Sinister Six. Ironically, most of the mercenary troops used in these actions are trained in the Darklands themselves, creating a self-perpetuating military-industrial complex which endlessly complicates the political situation throughout the continent.

Civil Structure and The Bond of Druxus
In addition to the larger towns and villages, the Darklands are dotted with innumerable smaller hamlets and thorps, much like the rest of Sor’drim. Typically, each community has a mayor, a sheriff, and an assortment of various businesses (commonly one or more General Stores, Inns, and other typical local enterprises). Each community may send requests or grievances to Nighthold directly, and is guaranteed military support from the capital, under the terms of an agreement known as “The Bond of Druxus”, named after a social scientist from 1149 AP. The gist of the agreement is that the domain as a whole suffers if its component communities suffer, and therefore each has an interest in the other.

The Overcast
The entire central area of the Darklands is permanently covered by an extraordinarily thick, undispersable layer of clouds. Only Tread and Scrape are officially recognized as belonging to the Darklands despite not being geographically located under the Overcast. The origin of the Overcast is said to stem from Nightstalker’s early reign in the ~1020 AP era, supposedly being created when the Lord of the domain cast a Wish spell and desired to be able to travel his lands without fear of the sun. Opinion is mixed whether Nightstalker is pleased with the results.

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The Darklands

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