The Gray Render Company

The Gray Render Company is a well-known and sizable mercenary force, primarily located in The Darklands. Commanded by the mercenary leader Margon Tallfellow, the Gray Render Company has a longstanding tradition of quality work, unshakable professionalism, and allegiance to the highest bidder. One of their rules is that they refuse to betray an employer or switch allegiances during an engagement, but employers have often learned to their cost that an engagement can be a difficult thing to define.

Until recently, they had been employed by an unknown person or group to hinder and delay movements of Darklands troops in the southern region of the domain, but they are currently without an employer. The company strategically positioned themselves at the gates of Nighthold in order to be of maximum service to whoever chooses to retain their services first, before being contracted by Taxx Murgen to help him escape The Darklands and search for the legendary sword Calabrand.

Recently, the company has moved the majority of its operations to Gulark, near the border with Pax. The identity of their current employer is suspected, but not confirmed, to still be Taxx Murgen.

(Will be updated as more information is revealed.)

The Gray Render Company

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