The Keeper

Queen of Sildure


“You know, for a long time, I was very skeptical about living here in Deathsgate. I mean, it just seemed creepy to live near a graveyard five hundred miles in diameter. But that was before last year’s skirmish. She came out to meet the first wave in person, all decked out in that fancy armor and covered in frost – in the middle of the summer. Right when the first ranks of their army looked like they were just going to swallow her up, huge blasts of frost magic just started carving up the field. And when I looked again, all of the soldiers she had just frozen started standing up and attacking their friends while their flesh fell off their bones. So no, I don’t regret moving out of Villia. My husband asked me later that week if I still wanted to move back, and I kicked him in the balls.” – Mitriczia Roarke, Barmaid

The frost-covered lich-queen of Sildure brooks no interference in the affairs of the Kingdom of the Dead. Skilled in both Sorcery and Divine Magic, The Keeper has the strength to stand alone from the squabbles of the Six…most of the time. Be wary of her, and she may ignore you – cross her, and you’ll quickly join the ranks of her frozen army of undead.

Unlike other liches, The Keeper has used clerical magic to preserve her body, so she looks much as she did in life – an imperious and aloof woman used to getting her way.

The party has interacted with the Keeper only very briefly, but she seems to be reticent and very much in command of her undead legions. The only power she has displayed in the party’s presence has been the ability to cast Greater Teleport. In conversation, she typically seems uninterested and neutral.

(Will be updated as more information is revealed.)

The Keeper

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