The Namer

First Citizen of Pax

“When the appointed day came, I took Nixa to the great palace for her” Testing – and he was there, in person. Nixa was so scared, she hid behind her hands – he was so tall, and his eyes blazed red with the power of his magic. But he smiled and stooped down, and said to her ‘Be not afraid, little one, for I am a man just as you – feel my hand. See how it is warm, like yours? See how my breath fogs the mirror. There is no need to fear.’ And she came out from behind her hands and smiled, and followed him up the steps to the Logarus …" – Roma Lutentia, Citizen of Pax

Smooth of word and gesture, The Namer looks unassuming, but wields unmatched arcane might, boasting more powerful magic than any two of the Six combined. A master summoner whose troops of choice are the demonic Cambions and Alu-fiends, rumor has it that he knows the True Names of at least one of the Six. By all accounts, the Collective of Pax has prospered under his rule during the last several hundred years, but appearances can be deceptive.

In interaction, the party has thus found The Namer to be well-spoken and helpful, if reluctant to interfere with most matters. He has not displayed any powers or abilities other than Greater Teleportation.

(Will be updated as more information is revealed.)

The Namer

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