The Rattler

High Master of Gulark

“It wasn’t so bad at first – the boiling oil and hails of arrows from the castle walls were pretty standard fare, and we were making decent headway. All of a sudden, Yurik off to my left just gets blown into giblets by a huge fireball, and like, twenty huge stone golems just materialize in the middle of our formation and start smashing people into spaghetti sauce. Before I can even get the order to retreat out, big black tentacles have started growing out of the ground and tearing the entire eastern flank limb from limb. That’s when he showed up, laughing up on the battlements. One of the guys up in the vanguard took a potshot at him with a crossbow, and then the entire front three ranks suddenly turned black and fell over, dead. I had to step on Tremaine’s face just to get out of there before the entire squadron got mulched. And that’s why I don’t live in Gulark.” – Zu’je Rowen, Mercenary (Retired)

A cackling skeletal lich, the Rattler is the stuff of every child’s nightmares. Enemies and citizens of Gulark alike fear his innumerable golems, and the Rattler is said to be second only to the Namer in arcane might. The best that can be said for the Rattler is that he’s the least likely of the Six to be hatching a devious plan – usually because he’s busy actively murdering his enemies.

In their brief and scattered interactions with the lich, the party has determined that the Rattler is capable of casting Wish, Greater Teleport, and Temporal Stasis, as well as an impressive command of destructive magics. His conversation generally consists of threats or outright violence, but the lich at least seems straightforward in his malice.

(Will be updated as more information is revealed.)

The Rattler

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