The Sinister Six

“So who decided they should be in charge?” – Polgar Yuritz, Rebel (deceased)

Long ago, six powerful magic-users decided to make a pact – that they would become immortal by various means, and rule the continent of Sor’drim as a council of equals, each master of his or her own domain. Many years have passed, and the original motives behind this pact are now shrouded in myth and rumor – but what is certain is that their will reigns in Sor’drim to this day.

The members of the Six are:

Nightstalker – the militaristic vampire lord of the Darklands.
The Rattler – a golem-obsessed lich who rules Gulark.
The Keeper – a perfectly preserved lich who reigns over Sildure.
Soulcrusher – a mad Psion Uncarnate who lurks beneath Kul.
Skinwalker – the shape-shifting duke of Villia. Slain and replaced by Skywalker.
The Namer – the all-knowing wizard who leads the Collective of Pax.

The Sinister Six

The Sinister Six Arafain