The Sinister Six is a dark-themed fantasy campaign inspired by Wizards of the Coast’s Elder Evils sourcebook and the Black Company series of books by Glen Cook.

Typically, in a role-playing campaign, morality is very straightforward – you aid the paladins, defeat the monsters, and save the world. Everyone is happy, and your character retires to a fabulous flying castle stocked with unimaginable riches. You’re probably also an immortal demigod billionaire.

But what if aiding the paladins wasn’t necessarily a good idea? Worse still, what if the monsters were the only ones who were really trying to save anything? What if, in a doomed and crumbling world, the only ray of hope was a glimmer of darkness?

This campaign hopes to explore a little bit of what happens when absolute morality stops being a reliable signpost, and characters have to face the consequences of their decisions even when they make the “right” decisions.

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Tips for browsing the campaign:
– The Adventure Log page has most of the noteworthy events. The Wiki and Character pages mostly serve as reference material for the adventure log.
– The Adventure Log taglines are mostly in-jokes. Don’t worry if you don’t get them.

The Sinister Six