The Sinister Six

#17 - Best Served Cold, part 1

Adventures in Cultism

The party made their way the last few leagues to Primus, defeating a pack of wolves and a roving band of ghouls and ghasts. Once arrived at the Marble City, they were at first stalled by a clerk who demanded they fill out entry forms to get into the city, but were eventually allowed in after a warlock calling himself Julius Jackalseye made an appearance and declared himself an envoy of The Namer. Once inside, Darius, Droverson, and Tomokk went with Julius to undergo the Testing, while Kael and Hazerath began gathering information to search for another of Hazerath’s enemies.

Following up on a rumor overheard in a tavern, Hazerath and Kael went to a local graveyard and dug up a dead man, using Hazerath’s Speak with Dead spell to find further leads on Hazerath’s enemy, Edward Kells. A guard stumbled across them and nearly arrested them, but Kael managed to talk his way out of the encounter. Armed with new information about their quarry’s potential location in the city sewers, the pair returned to their inn to wait for the rest of the party to return.

Meanwhile, Droverson became a member of The College of the Arcane Order, while Darius joined The Academy of Abjuration. Over the course of the next week, the two mages from Gulark trained in new magics, learning the beginnings of techniques that might grant them new and unusual powers in the months to come. Tomokk, despite being offered tutelage in The Cerebremancerium, declined the offer and vanished for several days.

Finally, the party reconvened and set out into the sewers to pursue Edward Kells. After some searching, they located what appeared to be an underground lair of some kind, guarded by a tatterdemalion arcanist. Kael struck from hiding and cut the mage down before he even knew he was in danger, but the party was quickly assailed by the man’s guards, a defacer and a lesser spawn of Jubilex. Despite suffering moderate damage, the group managed to overcome their foes, and Hazerath discovered a medallion on the guard’s corpse which bore the sign of Jubilex, signifying him a cultist of the demon lord.

After a first failed attempt, Tomokk bashed his way through the double doors, revealing a large meeting-chamber with a stone throne at one end. Kells, sitting in the throne, jumped up in alarm and yelled “Sparker!” upon seeing Hazerath, who answered with an evil laugh. Giving a servant orders to flee through a nearby iron door, Kells readied his weapons and spells and prepared to defend himself, summoning a quartet of wrackspawn and a full-grown spawn of Jubilex to his aid. Although the monsters were powerful and badly injured Tomokk and Droverson, the vampire slayer showed a new power when he transferred all of his wounds to the ooze, healing himself completely twice during the combat. Injured by Kael’s arrows and Darius’s spells, Kells made for the nearby door to escape, but Hazerath teleported to his foe and viciously stabbed him with a dagger as he tried to flee, burning out his foe’s eyes and life with his dark powers.

After finishing off Kells’s guards, the party made a quick search of the compound, but quickly discovered that all the other cultists had escaped. However, Kells had left a journal behind, detailing the recent capture and torture of an albino who had told a tale of wandering out of a desert, which the party quickly guessed to be Dorn. The cultist’s journal told of a sinister fate in store for the albino mercenary, however, relating that he had lost his mind under the cult’s cruelty and sworn his soul to Jubilex, the Faceless Lord. Spirited out of the compound along with the other cultists, Dorn’s very soul was now in peril…



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