The Sinister Six

#5 - Honor Thy Country, part 1

Despite some tense moments, the party was able to defeat the zombies and the huecuva due to a powerful heal from Hazerath and a concentrated barrage of destruction from Droverson, Tomokk, and Kael. The party also defeated a pack of wild wolves, and during the combat Darius displayed a new talent for creating fiery explosions. After many days’ travel, the party arrived in Nighthold.

Upon presenting themselves, they were immediately escorted to Nightstalker’s Keep by Taxx Murgen, a vampire assistant to Kellux Antigua. Once inside, they were taken to a suite of luxurious rooms and told that Nightstalker was currently battling at the front lines, and would return within five days. The party made themselves comfortable and investigated the rooms, discovering many spy-holes in the walls.

After five days, the party was informed that Nightstalker had returned, and were escorted to a meeting with him. After giving their report, Droverson presented the orange-bladed dagger to Nightstalker, who had never seen it before. Nightstalker cast a legend lore spell, attempting to divine further information about the dagger.

Immediately after the spell completed, Nightstalker’s mood instantly changed, becoming very concerned and curt. Although he admitted that he now knew what the dagger was, he refused to elaborate beyond cautioning Droverson not to fool around with it. He also paid Droverson’s debt for the destroyed inn in Painter’s Grove. Before departing, he cautioned the party to keep Taxx Murgen informed of their whereabouts in the future.

The party returned to their rooms, making plans to shop and take care of personal business in Nighthold over the course of the next week. Dispersing to the four winds, everyone disappeared into the city, each on their own mysterious mission…

(the group then had individual adventures over the next 5 days)



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