The Sinister Six

#12 - Meetings with Monsters, part 4

Stunned by the enormity of what had just occurred, the party quickly arranged the bodies in the Light-Lord’s chamber to make it appear that everything was normal, and Droverson used a prestidigitation spell to remove all the blood. Substituting one of the guards’ corpses for that of the Light-Lord in his bedroll, the party loaded Light-Lord Durett’s corpse into the wagon along with Kael, Tomokk, and Hazerath, while Darius and Droverson used alter self and disguise self spells to change their appearances to that of some of the dead guards. Although they quickly became lost in the caverns of The Liberating Army’s secret base, Droverson was able to bluff a guard into helping them escape.

Making their way north towards Nighthold, the group was surprised to find The Gray Render Company camped in front of the city gate. Luckily, Kael was acquainted with Margon Tallfellow, the leader of the company, who managed to negotiate entry for them into the city. Meanwhile, Kael befriended Cotton, a Witch-Hunter, who gave Kael a training guide for becoming an Occult Slayer.

After returning to the city, the group made contact with Taxx Murgen and presented the Light-Lord’s corpse to Kellux Antigua. Kellux was pleased, but stated that the party would need to discuss the subject of compensation with Nightstalker upon his return.

Their errand concluded, the party began searching for a suitable merchant to sell the Light-Lord’s equipment to, but all the merchants they encountered were wearing yellow, a sign they had been known to associate with the Liberating Army’s merchant spies. The party diverted to The Nighthold Wizards’ Guild, hoping to sell and purchase magic items there.

However, when they arrived, the sentry which usually stood guard outside was missing, and the building was deathly silent. Hazerath opened the door and was confronted by a bank of swirling mist and a deluge of worms, which crawled out of the door and into the night. Hazerath, remembering a scary story about the Lord of Worms, chuckled before the party made their way inside.

For several tense rounds, the party crept slowly through the mist, bumping against furniture and hearing isolated noises in the distance. Finally, Tomokk discovered a seated figure and poked it – when it was unresponsive, he reached out and touched it to see if it was alive. Shrieking, the eyeless fast zombie pounced upon the armored half-orc, gnawing and flailing. The party engaged and eventually defeated more than a half-dozen of the foul creatures, in addition to two shadows, but the encounter left many of the party drained of strength and life. After waiting for the mist to disperse, the party began to explore the first level of the tower – Tomokk tried to bash open a warded chest, resulting in him being caught in a Sepia Snake Ward trap which encased him in a shimmering force field and stopped time for the half-orc. Discovering a set of stairs leading up, Hazerath ordered some zombies up the stairs to explore, but all the zombies vanished immediately upon entering the pitch-black room.

Hazerath went up the stairs himself, and discovered using his darkvision that the second floor of the tower was crowded with frozen, bleeding figures, but was quickly set upon by a mohrg – the shadowy cleric quickly ran back downstairs to the rest of the party, who dispatched the undead horror quickly with arrows and magical spells. Returning to the second floor, the party helped the wizards upstairs recover from their paralysis, and learned that a mysterious figure wearing a ring marked “ET” had invaded the tower and cast extremely powerful magical spells to kill or paralyze many of the wizards. After summoning the mohrg, the figure had stolen most of the items and wealth of the guild, but the most devastating loss was a well of many worlds. As gratitude for their salvation, the wizards dispelled the force field trapping Tomokk and allowed the party to keep the items they had found while clearing the tower.

With only one day left before the expiration of Roscoe’s deadline, the party waited anxiously for word from Nightstalker...



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