The Sinister Six

#14 - Meetings with Monsters, part 6

As the haze of teleportation faded, the party found themselves at Sixmeet, standing outside a large gazebo-like building in a clearing which appeared to be in the middle of a vast jungle. Entering, they quickly became aware of an ambient effect which rendered all magic and weapons unusable, as well as an Antimagic Field. The interior of the building resembled an octagon, but only six of the walls were marked with doors similar to those the party had used to enter – one of the remaining walls held a huge mirror, while the other contained a huge pair of double doors made of black stone, carved with forbidding runes. The rest of The Sinister Six were already in attendance.

Speaking briefly, Nightstalker explained to the others that Droverson held The Dagger of Milambre. The Rattler advocated killing the party and subjecting the dagger to maximum-level destruction spells, but Nightstalker and The Namer were fairly convinced that such an approach would be ineffective. Skinwalker favored sealing Droverson in a block of stone and casting him far out into the ocean, but Darius pointed out that this would merely delay the problem and let others obtain the dagger without being noticed. The Keeper mainly kept silent, while Soulcrusher seemed highly suspicious of the party and of most of the assembly in general. Nightstalker mentioned that the dagger had the ability to undo certain types of magic, which made it very dangerous, but that it was not nearly as important as the undoing of his bindings and the release of the dangerous creature the party had seen an illusion of. The vampire lord also pointed out that there had been many strange phenomena and disasters across the land, and advocated that the party be put forth to investigate them. Droverson and Kael told the story of their adventures thus far to the Six, after which The Rattler and Soulcrusher departed. The party stayed behind to discuss their options with The Namer. Skinwalker seemed disinterested in the entire affair, although he behaved somewhat shiftily before departing. The Namer seemed honest and straightforward, pointing out that it was in everyone’s best interest to investigate, and even offered arcane tutelage to Tomokk, Droverson, and Darius. After the meeting, the party teleported back to Nighthold, where Nightstalker released them from his service for now.

After obtaining their reward of a Resurrection scroll, the party prepared to end their feud with Roscoe. Meeting with the task force that had retreived Caladorn’s corpse, the party obtained the young child’s skeleton and quickly worked to bring the boy back from the dead. Hazerath managed to cast the difficult spell, and Caladorn was returned to life. Although initially terrified of Kael, the mercenary ranger managed to calm the boy with Darius’s help. Kael first tried to foster the boy with Arcadius Lochan, the priest that had retrieved his corpse, only to discover that the cleric had been killed in a freak accident when a water tower had fallen on him. Undaunted, Kael turned to the cleric who had cured Tomokk’s negative levels, but became suspicious when the priest acted strangely (largely because he was Hazerath in disguise, attempting to steal the child away). Finally, with great frustration, Kael sent Caladorn to The Nighthold Wizards’ Guild to be fostered as an acolyte mage, along with a thousand-gold trust fund. As the ranger left the wizard’s guild, the ghost of Roscoe appeared a final time, wracking the ranger with terrible pains before vanishing.

Gathering their strength, the party ventured forth from the gates of Nighthold, only to find that The Gray Render Company had vanished from their encampment outside the city. The winds of destiny were freshening as the party contemplated which way to turn…



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