Dorn is an albino encountered by the party in The Darklands. Dressed in ragged clothes and haunted by a powerful stench, Dorn claims to be running away from his home in the north. The albino was headed for Nighthold to seek his fortune, but was captured by lizardmen gnoll slavers. After being freed by the party, Dorn escorted the other freed slaves back to Nighthold.

Several weeks later, Dorn was encountered again by the party, having become a moderately successful mercenary. He agreed to escort Vanessa Mackelroy to an archaeological dig in Freesite.

Much later, in Primus, the party discovered unpleasant hints about Dorn’s fate, revealing that he had been captured by a cult of Jubilex after wandering out of the desert. His mind breaking under torture, the albino swore his soul to Jubilex and escaped the sewer lair with the other cultists.

(Will be updated as more information is revealed.)


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