Duke of Villia

“The servants led us through the main hall – I remember being in awe of the high ceilings, the expensive furniture, the huge chandeliers. When we sat down to the dinner table, he entered and stood at the largest chair – he was big, handsome, and looked strong. But halfway through the meal, I looked again, and he seemed short and wizened…and then later, during dessert, I could have sworn there was a woman sitting in his chair. I didn’t say anything, though. After all, the last person who had was the main course.” – Retiana Frissca, Villian noble

Although the weakest of the Six in magical power – which is akin to being the weakest Meteor Swarm – Skinwalker is the most fearsome in physical combat. An ever-shifting, unstoppable bulk of claws and fangs, Skinwalker has ruled over sleepy, heavily-wooded Villia since time immemorial. He nurtures his lycanthropic minions in hopes that his fortunes will soon rise, but only time will tell. Visitors to his domain are well-advised to bring either their best manners or their fastest running boots.

The party has found Skinwalker to be gregarious but utterly without conscience, and he seems to exude an aura of shiftiness as well. His displayed powers have thus far been limited to constantly shifting between forms.

(Will be updated as more information is revealed.)


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