Taxx Murgen

Taxx Murgen was a vampire previously in service to Nightstalker, who had at one time posed as a bodyguard to Kellux Antigua. He was tall and pale, and appeared to favor a chain shirt. He previously wielded a rapier/dagger weapon combination, although later appeared to prefer a two-handed sword. His official function appeared to be something of a lower-level steward and guardsman, although he was later revealed to be a much higher-ranking lieutenant. He also apparently possessed a magical lance which had the power to inflict a cursed affliction on creatures it wounds, although this was supposedly later traded to Margon Tallfellow.

After raising Light-Lord Durett as a vampire, Nightstalker was forced to release Taxx Murgen from his control. Tomokk Bloodfist attempted to subdue the rogue vampire and bring him to Nightstalker, but Taxx defeated Tomokk after a lengthy and climactic battle and made his escape. After fleeing from Nighthold, rumors state that the renegade vampire retrieved an enormous cache of gold he had been secreting for decades, and used the money to purchase the services of The Gray Render Company. Fleeing to Gulark, Taxx was spotted many places throughout the desert country, supposedly searching for the legendary blade Calabrand.

The group encountered him again in the secret city beneath Freesite, as the renegade vampire claimed the sword and escaped. Apparently fed up with their constant interference in his activities, Taxx began seeking the death of Tomokk Bloodfist, offering Kael Varda 10,000 gold pieces for the half-orc’s head. The rogue vampire later met his death at the hands of Hazerath and Tomokk Bloodfist.

His abilities included dealing significant damage with light weapons, dealing double damage with his lance on a charge, quickly recovering from wounds, and being able to utilize a sort of “teleportation dodge” to avoid attacks.

Taxx Murgen

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